Flowers are in full bloom and looking great!  We are offering a special event This Friday morning starting at 7:00 AM.  Be sure to come out and enjoy the crisp morning air and stroll through the flowers!  The petting zoo will be available as well as the cow train rides for the youngsters to enjoy.

E-5 Family Farm LLC

Farm Fun For Everyone

Our farm continues to grow and expand for the best Farmtastic experience!

2806 County Rd. 421 N. Henderson TX. 75652

We specialize in growing memories for our customers!

Sunflower fields and photos

Our East Texas farm offers family fun for everyone.  We have lots of seasonal crops including pumpkin patch, sunflower fields, wildflower fields, Christmas trees, and endless amounts of photo opportunities for the family. 

On the farm we offer bucket loads of entertainment such as a zip line, cow train, wheel barrow races, duck races, a buffalo cannon, and much more to keep the kids entertained while breathing the fresh air and enjoying the East Texas sunshine.

For treats and eats E-5 Family farm offers our famous Kettle corn, fresh squeezed lemonade,and the best snoballs in East Texas.

Come see us at our seasonal events, and enjoy the farm and grow memories with your family.

You pick flowers Sunflower and wildflowers
flower field photos for the family
Sunflowers and photos on the farm
Pumpkin patch photo ops
beauty in the sun with sunflowers