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Alexis Bartleet
8 months ago

Hi! I am doing an event at my shop and curious on how much it is to buy pumpkin's in bulk? 15 - 20 max. I also would love to get some cards to promote you guys as well during event!

Jenna Brown
8 months ago

Do you host birthday parties? If so do you have party packages?

Alicia Grote
2 years ago

Hi there! Do you allow photo shoots during the week?

J Jones
2 years ago

If you desire a place to take your kids that is outdoors, clean and wholesome fun in East Texas check out the E-5 Family Farm. I took my grandsons last Sunday on a whim and it was well worth the drive from Tyler, TX. The boys are 6yrs and 8yrs and neither was ready to go at closing time and why would they be. This is a family friendly venue and requires family participation. If you are looking for a place to drop the kids and pick them up later this is NOT the place. The value for your time here is spending it with your family. Self-paced events with little waiting for your turn. Skip the gym because there are several cardio events like wheelbarrow races, tug-a-war and climbing the tower of sand or the round bales of hay. Rest while sipping a fresh squeezed lemonade and snacking on kettle corn. The zip line is perfect for the young ones to get their “Fear Factor” cravings started at an early age. Rows and Rows of beautiful flowers to cut for Mom a bouquet. The pile of sand with TONKA trucks and loaders must be magnetic because it draws the kids to it and their earth moving civil engineering talents start to manifest. If you like the shows Gun Smoke, Bonanza, The Rifleman and Have Gun – Will Travel then you believe in the “Golden Rule” and family values. Bring your cameras or just use your phone for heartwarming and humorous pictures and videos of the kids and adults working to keep up with the kids. You may even capture the picture for this year’s Christmas card without the cost of a studio. For myself the day’s investment yielded a priceless return when my 6yr old grandson said his PapaJ is the KING of fun. Thank you E-5 Family Farm for many memories.